Health Plans

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The specific objective of this practical manual is to help veterinary professionals and/or managers of veterinary clinics to design the best possible health plans for their centre, whether starting from scratch or seeking to improve upon existing health plans that are not selling successfully. The resulting plans will be appropriately adapted to the specific human and technical resources of each centre, and thus can be implemented both in newly opened centres and those already in business for many years. Crucially, the veterinary medicine practiced in the centre must be of high quality to ensure success. The implementation of health plans also implies adopting a preventive, rather than reactive, medicine approach. Therefore, it is advisable to read this book from the beginning to properly assimilate the proposed change in philosophy, prioritising preventive medicine without abandoning therapeutic work.

  • Planes de salud
    Planes de salud
    Valera Arnanz, Miguel Ángel
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